GIG 06 SERVICES & Security is known as the premier independent provider of risk, resilience, and security solutions. We help you mitigate risk, ensure organizational resilience, increase the level of innovation while decreasing costs, and at the same time, accelerate the value of your organization. We strive to understand the mission of your organization and the dynamics of your market and apply security to meet your unique needs.

Building on a strong reputation for security technology, engineering, project management, and service

GIG 06 SERVICES & Security is a company that came into existence from the lack of adequate security awareness of people in this part of the world, especially in the ever advancing world of technology, there is need to counter insecurity with advance technology available. We are here to serve the corporate, government and private individuals.
We deploy world-class technology and solution to ensure we provide a comprehensive edge to our clients in ensuring they always have the security advantage even when they are not looking. We do not believe in providing generic solutions to our clients because of the peculiarity in private and corporate behavioral patterns; hence we treat every client with utmost uniqueness and peculiarity to ensure we not only help identify their needs, but provide them with satisfactory solutions they can ALWAYS rely on. We are bound to professionalism and we undertake every project based on industry best practices.
Since inception, we have grown to become a key player in providing low voltage electronic system security around Nigeria. As our business coverage and specialty has broadened, we have gained a reputation as Competent systems integrators for low voltage electronic systems.
Maintain the best website in the industry with detailed information for customers and team members to research solutions and continually improve our operations to better serve customers.